How to Automatically Colorize Black and White Photos Online

Black and white photos always remind us of the history or a period of time that never comes back. They are unique signs of an era and imply or tell us what happened at that time. However, adding color to old black and white photos can be much fun. Bringing an old photo or film back to life with colorization sounds really amazing, right? For example, colorize a black and white photo of a famous person in our history, like William Shakespeare or Coco Chanel. It seems like the people in the old photos are coming to our modern life and it feels like they're living in the same era as us.  
There are some available tools for colorization now, including apps, online products and software. Among them, the most prevailing one should be which has been closed its service as of 1 Oct 2020. But now we have good news for you. We've found a good alternative and that is, a great AI web tool to colorize old photos online for free.
Now let's have a try and see how to add color to our black and white photos step-by-step and bring our old photos to a new life.

How does work? provides AI web solution to black and white photos colorization. It adopts photo colorization API which is a deep learning model that has been trained on pairs of color photos with their grayscale counterpart. After hours of training, the models learn how to automatically add color back to black and white photos.
When you use to colorize old photos, there is no need to install any software or extension. No PhotoShop skills required to colourize black and white photos here. Only three steps and a few minutes needed to colorize a black and white photo.

How to colorize photos with is a totally online tool that almost puts no limit to your use. It provides free service and extremely fast processing speed. And your processed photos will be deleted from its server in 30 minutes, so don't worry about the privacy. If you don't have a black and white photo for now, you can also choose a photo from the given examples to give it a try.
Step1: Upload the black and white photo that you want to colorize 
Step2: Wait a few seconds until the colorization is done
Step3: Click the Download button to save it 


I've colorized two photos with and one is from the given examples and the other is a photo of Coco Chanel. When it comes to the first photo of butterfly, the result is pretty good. The color blending is quite natural and you won't doubt it is not a real shooting photo.
The second photo is a portrait but this web tool also handles it well. The hair color, skin color, cloth color are added naturally. It even deals with the light and shade and creates a three-dimensional effect. In a word, I'm very satisfied with the two outputs and I think this tool makes these old photos. 
  • Input formats: jpg, jpeg, png
  • Output formats: png
  • Max Size: 5MB 
  • Max Resolution: 1200X1200px (Images exceeding the limit will be resized automatically while uploading)
  • No batch process

Why choose

First of all, is easy to access because you can open this web tool and start to upload a photo immediately even without registration. You don't need to install anything or register an account for it. Besides, this online tool is so fast that colorizing an old photo only takes you a couple of seconds, almost in a flash. 
Most importantly, doesn't have any requirements for your system or browser which means you can use this web tool on almost any device and browser, even your smart photo. Some tools specify that your browser or computer should support WebGL which is needed for them to function, but is absolutely not one of them.

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