Review of Vance AI Image Enlarger

Images nowadays come in all shapes and sizes, especially sizes. With each day, we are pushing the limits of maximum resolutions coupled with the best possible quality. It is common knowledge that increasing an image size beyond its limit will result in a loss of quality. This is where an image enlarger steps in. An application to enlarge image or better yet, an application to enlarge image without losing quality. As users, it is too often that we come across ‘the’ perfect image but soon realize that it is way too small for any kind of use. By using an image enlarger, we can now ensure that even the smallest of images can be made usable with an improved quality effect added to them. We will be looking at an online image enlarger software named Vance AI Image Enlarger. The basics are that this software lets you enlarge image online and that it is an AI image enlarger, indicating that it will enlarge image automatically.

Prices and Features

Although you can use this image enlarger online for free, it does not come without limitations in use. You can enlarge image upto 5 times a month using the free version of Vance AI Image Enlarger. There won’t be any changes in quality though, meaning, you can still enlarge image without losing quality online. The same applies to the software version of this tool. With the free version, you can enlarge image that is within 5 MB of size up to 4 times. Now, there are two paid options to choose from: Basic and Pro.

The Basic plan costs $9.90 per month and it allows for images within 10 MB size, enlarges images upto 8 times, and perhaps most importantly, you can batch process 5 images together. It provides 200 credits per month with unused credits carried forward to next month.

The Pro plan costs $19.90 per month and it allows for images within 10 MB size, enlarges images upto 8 times and here with the Pro version you can batch process 10 images together. The Pro version offers 500 credits per month and of course, the unused credits will be carried forward.

The paid versions also give users access to Vance’s better servers, resulting in faster performance. You can run Vance AI on any operating system such as Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, etc as long as you have a modern browser like Chrome.

How to enlarge an image with AI Image Enlarger

A short guide on how to enlarge an image with the AI Image Enlarger:

  • 1.You can quickly visit the AI Image Enlarger website by clicking here. Once there, click on the Upload Image button and it will open up a dialog box.
  • 2.Click on the Upload function to select an image from your device. Now, select Continue to proceed.
  • 3.After processing, the application will show you the output. Click on Download to complete a free sign-up and save the image to your device.Enlarging Images with Vance AI Image Enlarger

Let’s take a look at various images and their enlarged version as provided by the application.


The Image Enlarger tool lets you hover over specific parts of the image and displays its enlarged counterpart on the right side. As the image says, the tools surely managed to double the resolution of the original image. Furthermore, there is a clear image quality difference here. The shadows and overall contrast of the new image are clearly superior to that of the old image.


This time, the image was enlarged 4 times over. The enhancement is pretty noticeable here too, with the fur as the focus. The application handles minute or rather fine details well enough. This particular image did take a bit more time to process, probably due to how richly detailed the original image is. However, the processing time did not hinder the experience. The background grass and brown wall were slightly enhanced as well but they weren’t as noticeable as the objects at the front.


This image was upscaled twice and processed really fast. The enhancement in quality is there though it is not as noticeable as the first two images. The edges look more sharpened compared to the previous image and the overall lighting effects look more present. Also, there is a slight reduction in the blurriness of the original image. It is good for an image that has been enlarged into twice its original size.


The Vance AI Image Enlarger can be a reliable tool for you if you are looking to enlarge a couple of images here and then. If it is consistent usage you need, then it is recommended that you purchase any of the paid plans to go with the application itself. For starters, you will no longer need to deal with watermarks, sign-ups, and one-by-one processing. The application is certainly powerful because it can enlarge image pretty easily while enhancing quality. So, with a paid account you can get access to features that will provide much-needed quality of life upgrades.


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