Vance AI Photo Colorizer Review - An Online Tool to Colorize Photos

There are many possible uses of images, no matter if they are black and white or coloured, since there are so many platforms to show off images on. There are also special uses for the same image in black and white and coloured. Of course, we need applications to colorize black and white photos and process them with realistic results. A lot of applications take up too much space and processing power to colorize black and white photos and it’s just not efficient. On the other hand, many applications claim to colourize photos but their results are usually underwhelming.
However, Vance AI Photo Colorizer seems to be the middle-ground between such applications, having advanced technology while also allowing users to colorize black and white photos online. An application like this can help you to colorize black and white photos with ease and precision. Apart from that, these types of applications can also convert your old black and white photos to coloured. It is easy to colorize photos and you will find a short and simple guide on how to colorize photos below. We will review Vance AI Photo Colorizer and show some of its results.

What is Vance AI Photo Colorizer?

AI Photo Colorizer is a new addition to Vance AI’s library of image editing features. Vance AI is the main hub which includes applications such as AI Photo Colorizer, AI Background Remover, AI Sharpen, etc. The point here is that all the applications, AI Photo Colorizer included, are supported by Machine Learning techniques. When it comes to AI Photo Colorizer, it means that it can automatically colorize black and white photos online. The name of the technology behind this application is Deep Convolutional Neural Networks. The advantage of such technology is that your images won’t be just replaced by filters, they will instead be processed thoroughly for a realistic looking output. Not to mention that it does that without user input and online.


The AI Photo Colorizer is free to use as well though for a limited amount of times. As a free user, you get 5 credits per month. One credit is used when you process one image. Other than that, you can upload images within 5 MB of size and 2000x2000 of resolution. Resolutions exceeding the limit are resized to 2000x2000 anyway, so don’t worry too much about the limits. Same for image size though following the limits is recommended for better performance.
For more credits, you can purchase either Vance AI’s Basic or Pro plan. The Basic account type offers 200 credits per month and the Pro account type offers 500 credits per month. Any amount of unused credits are left over for the next month. A big plus for both the paid plans is that they both allow batch processing, a really handy feature. They also give you a 14-day money back guarantee, should you decide to cancel your subscription.
With Basic, you can batch process 5 images, upload images within 10 MB size, and allow resolutions of 3000x3000. As for the Pro plan, batch processing 10 images, uploading images within 10 MB and 3000x3000 resolutions is possible.

Colorized Images

These are some of the images that are colourized by Vance AI Photo Colorizer.
The fog in the output image has a natural looking white compared to the black and white image. The same effect is seen for the sky and the mountains at the back. The mountain itself looks natural enough though there is a slight blue tinge towards the left side. Overall, the AI makes the output look realistic enough and not something out of filters.
The result here is impressive. The application does well with all the small details that make up the image. The street lights, car lights, and the shadow they leave are all done perfectly. The night sky looks good too. Since it is dark, the trees remain pretty much the same.
Similar to the first image, you can see a slight tinge over the output picture but it’s not much. As for everything else, the application transforms the black and white image to a more vintage looking one. The new colours do give enough details to the new image, such as the flowers and shadows.

How to use AI Photo Colorizer

  • 1.You can use this or any link from above to visit the home page. From there, you can either scroll for more information or click on Upload Image to proceed.
  • 2.Use the Upload button to select an image from your device and upload it. After that, click on Continue.
  • 3.This will make the application process the image and display the output. Click on Download to save the image.


This photo colorizer tool can surely colorize black and white photos well enough to make us keep using it. For an online free application, it works like a professional application, which is a direction many applications should take. With a paid package, you can easily push this application to its limits without having to invest a lot of money. The design is smooth, performance is realistic and great, and it can work fully online. With all this in mind, Vance AI Photo Colorizer is surely a good recommendation.

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